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J. Thomas Schuesler
CEO / Founder

Direct: (714) 618-1234
State Lic: 01142597
Fed Lic: 340018
Welcome to Ameristar Capital Mortgage!
The Art of Saving Time and Money - to create Value !!
J. Thomas Schuesler
Ameristar Capital Mortgage, Inc.
For anyone involved in a Real Estate transaction, of any sort, the management of both time and money are precious ingredients in the creation of value.
The expertise and art of creating value through time and money management has been mastered by Ameristar’s Real Estate Broker of record J. Thomas Schuesler. Now having serviced the needs of his California Real Estate clientele for over 20 years, Thomas has also created enormous additional value for Ameristar clients by placing the most important Real Estate services under one roof!
Today Ameristar provides Real Estate Financing, Real Estate Agent Representation, along with Title and Escrow services in single and simple one-stop-shop location, with a keen eye on saving you both time and money.
Saving Time + Money = Value!
We call it Signature Service!!
In addition to Ameristar’s value building business model, our Signature Service continue to work for you in the following ways:     
Home Financing:
  • In California, Ameristar lends it's license and years of expertise by offering clients JUMBO Home loans, Home Equity Loans, Conventional, FHA, VA, HARP, First Time Home Buyer, and Mulitple Portfolio loan products.
  • In most transactions over the past 20 years, Thomas has recommended that his clients pay nothing when taking out a new home loan. Offering Californians No Cost home loans has been the hallmark of Ameristar Capital Mortgage and it’s founder since 1993.
  • Today, in the State of California, No Cost / No Point / No Fee home loans are the most popular method of home financing. This simple piece of sage advice has saved Ameristar clients tens of thousands of dollars in monthly payment expenses and has additionally saved them thousands of dollars in home equity value over the years.
  • Thomas's years of experience, and ability to crunch the numbers in the most complex Real Estate transactions has not only served to save his clients big money, but has resurrected a number of complicated transactions that were thought impossible to fund by other companies.  
  • Ameristar was never in the business of providing those nasty Sub Prime loans to the public.

Home Purchases:
  • Once you’ve selected Ameristar as your Real Estate Agent in an upcoming purchase transaction, you’ll also notice that Ameristar’s home financing programs are available. And don’t be surprised if the terms and interest rates at Ameristar are better than those offered by the big banks!
  • At the same time, you’ll get qualified and have pre-approved financing in hand, so that once you’re ready to buy you’ll have confidence in knowing that all your ducks are in a row!
  • Having previously been a residential construction company owner, Thomas Schuesler continues use this experience to save his client precious time and money by previewing and inspecting homes long before you put in an offer to purchase, and long before any inspection company is hired to provide that same service, once your offer is accepted.

Home Sales:
  • When you're ready to sell your home, Thomas, like any other good Real Estate Agent has no problem sizing up your home's curb appeal. Thomas, on the other hand, with his mechanical and residential construction background is able to go a step further. He can personally preform inspections and detect and advise on potential unseen problems and possible concerns directly with you, long before your home is even listed for sale. Not only will this provide you with another great time and money savings tool, but it will also increase your personal peace of mind.
  • By providing a pre-purchase inspection before your home ever hits the market, you’ll know what to expect in advance. You won't waste time and money with endless counter offers from potenial buyers that seek to reduce your sale price because problems “x-y-z” weren’t fixed ahead of time.
Signing up for Ameristar’s Signature Service is easy!
Just give Thomas a call at:
714 618 1234

Find the solution that fits your needs.

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